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Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

Heilkunst and empowerment insights.

The Blog

Welcome To The Blog

Welcome To Our Blog

Heilkunst and empowerment insights.

Dive Deeper into Heilkunst: Navigating the Depths of Holistic Healing Wisdom.

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  • What Is Your Heilkunst Personality Type or Constitution?

    Ever wonder why some people are introverts and others are extroverts? Why some people are always hot and others [...]

  • The Phosphorus Constitution

    Are you a light bearer? Are you super sensitive? You are probably a Phosphorus Constitution. I am a Phosphorus [...]

  • The Silica Constitution

    Are you an introvert? Do social situations drain you? You may be a Silica Constitution. Join me as a [...]

  • The Pulsatilla Constitution

    Are you emotional? Do you run hot? Do you sleep on your back? You could be a Pulsatilla Constitutional [...]

  • Lycopodium Constitution

    Are you or someone you know very diplomatic, well liked, yet emotionally aloof? Find out if you're the Heilkunst [...]

  • Calcarea Carbonica

    Are you down to earth, stubborn and tend to do things in your own time? You may be a [...]

  • Sulphur Constitution

    Are you hot blooded and hot headed? ;). You may just be a Sulphur Constitution. [...]

Join me on the journey to unlocking your joyful and inspired life.

What Stacey is really passionate about is helping women go from living a life that is ‘expected’ of them, pleasing others, and making decisions based out of fear and self doubt to living authentic, joyful and inspired lives through Heilkunst treatment and her Empowerment Programs.